Ka puta toku ngakau ki a koe

To all my friends from New Zealand and To all my many friends in the Islamic World,

My heart goes out to you as I write with tears over what has happened in Christchurch. In such a beautiful country, with the kindest folk, who make all welcome, where now we unite in prayer for those who are still fighting to stay alive and remembering those who have gone to eternity.

The human heart is strong. As strong as the great mountains of New Zealand. Now we are faced with the reality of man’s evil deeds and of how the human heart must overcome hatred with non-hatred.

We need to reach into our ancient wisdom and faith to win the battle in our own hearts in order to defeat extremism. In the end we will find peace in our heart if we seek it with all our might.

Why has this happened in New Zealand? What is the truth in our race and cultural relations in our various societies? What is the truth about the economic state of our earth, beyond Brexit and the US President , that will lead to the politics of the future? What is the truth about the health of our very planet?

These are big questions you think about all the time. Today children in England were marching to save our world.

Collectively we can by faith and action in our own small way, save our world from degradation by pollution, extremism, coercion, greed, tyranny,inequality, injustice and hatred
and move towards peace.

Ka manaakitia e the iwi nga iwi o Aotoreoa.
Ka puta toku ngakau ki a koe.

God bless the people of New Zealand.
My heart goes out to you.


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