Do not Worry

God says do not worry, but how can I not when I have experienced and witnessed so many bad things that happen to people. A death by the road for the mother of a friend, who had just stopped to help. Eyes, ravaged by pain and distress caused by a cancerous growth. A frail frame housing an even frailer mind battered by years of abuse. An old woman withering away, where once a strong heart beat. An active mind confused and muddled by dementia. An active strong body, used to the outdoors and sun, unable to enjoy the pleasures of food and physical movement.
How can I not worry when I witness so much suffering in the world. When will God come back and take it all away, refreshing the world as he has promised. All I can do is pray and use these hands and feet of mine that God has put on the earth to try and relieve suffering where I can. I can feel grateful that God has given me strength to get through abusive family relationships, brushes with cancer and other stressful life events and trust that in all of this, somehow, even in the midst of suffering and grief, that Christ is standing alongside us and in the end all will be well.


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