He came in the room, shrunk and small, cowed down by life experience, trying to make himself smaller than the physical space that he occupies. Lines worn early on his face, a map of atrocities committed against his body and soul. A small light still burns, deep inside. A small seed, trying to stretch out and grow towards the light. It needs to be coaxed and brought forth, gently coaxed forward in supporting hands. How to heal the fractured soul around? Can you wipe away the deep set memories and pain? Memories that constantly resurface, sending the seed scurrying back down inside to safety.
Man has done this. A wish to control and hurt, base desires fulfilled, a cycle that started back in their childhood, when all he was shown was hate. Or maybe there was love there, but something else broke out, some deeper darker all consuming force that they cannot quell.
Do they need drugs to change the complex neurotransmitters and somehow wipe away the past. What will bring that little green shoot from the seed forth? Will hours of therapy do it, exploring the past, changing the way they they react and feel? Or is it more simple, a caring word, a reminder of the better side of human nature. Do you need complicated book learning, or just love and compassion?


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