He sat in front of his computer screen contemplating the problem. There must be a way to measure this, a way to get more productivity out of the workers, to squeeze every ounce out of them, so we know that they are dry and efficiency has been achieved. There must be a way to measure a person’s soul, whether they are capable and what of. A mathematical algorithm should do it. We have to have some control, we must know absolutes, they can be no room for art and beauty. He is afraid of what he cannot measure and maximum efficiency must be achieved. We must change our souls and bodies into code, a computer programme. There must be no messiness of human life. A smart app might work. Perhaps we should get rid of the workers all together and use computers instead, then we can sure to gain accurate measures, to ensure there is no error.
How can you measure kindness and compassion? How can you measure a listening ear that gets beyond the concrete body to the depths of the soul? How can you measure an extra few minutes listening to someone, off the conveyor belt of consultation times and efficiency? How do you know if what you are doing helps anyone?


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