We are Grieving

For those of us who wanted to stay in the EU, this is not a happy time.

We really hope you are right and that this will be good for our country, but I cannot see it.

I strongly believe that we should be broadening our horizons and looking for the good of all humanity at this time in world history, not just our local community. I really hope that Brexit can be the start of new links all around the world, and that our relationship with the EU will be strong and supportive, but I cannot see it.

I am a believer in democracy, and the will of the people has spoken, and it is done. But please don’t forget that nearly half the population didn’t want this and a large proportion of us are grieving. We feel our European identity has been ripped from us, and I know that you truly believe it is right for all of us and that this statement is over the top. But that is how we feel. We hope you are correct and are willing to give you a chance, but remember that you have enforced this upon us, against our will, and we are grieving. Please be compassionate, and please work to improve this country for all of us.

Please remember that at least 16 million of us in this country didn’t want to leave and please try do your best to keep our relationship with Europe as close as possible.

It is not a competition. We are not moaning. We are just sad.


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