The End of Lockdown?

Will we rush out like people in rain starved countries at a sudden downpour?

Dancing and spinning with imaginary raindrops glistening and shining on us,

Whole universes captured in a moment of time

Rainbow colours glistening,

Memories of drawings in windows and shy faces peering round them,

Or will we creep out slowly,

Hair long, clothing less neat,

Wondering if it’s safe?

Will we hug our loved one’s with delight?

Joyous that we are able to get close again after month’s apart,

Tears glistening in our love-starved eyes

Welcoming the noise and bustle,

Glad to be together once more.

Or will we look at each other hesitantly,

Scared to get too close in case of infection,

Strange new fear of other humans that won’t quite go away?


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