The New Normal

Somehow, the feared overwhelming of services,

Body’s lining up in the streets,

Queues of people waiting to see the doctor,

Didn’t quite happen.

And yet, life will never quite be the same again.

The New Normal Means:

Not seeing the doctor without a phone call first;

Not being able to show them your face again;

Trying to express concern through your eyes only;

Getting overheated in a strange costume of plastic and fear;

Trying to find your ears under a visor,

Where does the stethoscope go?

Glasses and mask fogging up,

Peering at parts of anatomy that are hard to see,

Trying to make decisions over the phone that you feel ill-equipped for,

Struggling with technology.

Trying to drink your coffee and realising your mouth is behind layers of protection,

Laughter at the absurdity.

Dances in the kitchen keeping 2m distance,

Camaraderie that we had forgotten existed.

Time in the day to go for a walk in the Spring sunshine,

Hearing more birdsong,

Being able to find a parking space.

But a feeling of sadness weighing on my heart of all the loss and heartbreak, fear and anxiety, anger and frustration,

But somehow through it all holding onto hope.

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